Yes, Perth is a long, long way away from anything. But there are plenty of reasons, not just our wedding, to come and explore this little piece of Australia. 


Fun Facts about perth

  • Perth is the capital city of Western Australia with a population of just over 2 million. 
  • Perth is the most isolated city in the world, our closest city, Adelaide is over 2,200km away. 
  • Perth is the furtherest city from Toronto located 18,153km away.
  • The jetty at Busselton (the town our wedding is being held in) is the longest wooden jetty in the southern hempishere at 1.8 km long. 

What you must do while in perth: 

IMG_3119 2.jpg

Quokka selfie on rottnest island

The island of Rottnest is located 20km from Perth is home to the Quokka, a small kangaroo like marsupial. Quokka's are not afraid of humans and as such will pose with you for a happy snap, as made famous by one of our bridesmaids above... Also the island is paradise - no cars, beautiful beaches - but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.  

If this hasn't sold you, then perhaps this article or this article will! 



Dining out for breakfast is a must when in Perth. This is probably our number one favourite weekend activity. Our top picks are:

  • Odyssea (city beach)
  • Vans (Cottesloe)
  • Bib and Tucker (Leighton Beach)
  • The Shorehouse (Swanbourne)
  • Boucla (Subiaco)
  • Bread in Common (Fremantle)

Need more breakfast inspiration click here!



The beaches are phenomenal and many are dog friendly. Just watch out for sharks! Our favourites are:

  • Cottesloe - grass tears to sit on
  • City Beach
  • Swanbourne
  • Leighton 

sunday session

A visit to the west coast would not be complete without watching the sun set over the ocean at one of the fine establishments along the coast while downing some 'bevies' (beverages). Our picks are either the Ocean Beach Hotel (OBH) or the Cottesloe Hotel. But there are plenty more options here


Technically another city, Fremantle is a must visit just 30 minutes from the Perth CBD. Originally a port city it has a great food and cultural scene (top votes for Little Creatures Brewery) and lots of history (such as Fremantle Prison). 

what you must eat and drink:


You can't come to WESTERN australia and not have:

  • Bunnings 'Sausage Sizzle' - click here and here for more info on this
  • Avocado on toast at any breakfast cafe
  • A meat pie with sauce 
  • A flat white
  • Vegemite on toast 
  • Little Creatures Pale Ale 
  • Matso Brewery Ginger Beer 
  • Fairy bread - don't know what that is - see this picture
  • Lamingtons - also don't know what this is - click here